By Heidi

I recently had opportunity to screen the movie VOICELESS, a movie that tackles the difficult subject of abortion.

About Voiceless

From writer/director Pat Necerato comes Voiceless, a film that tackles the controversial pro-life vs. pro-choice debate with conviction and compassion, and presents that the true choice is one the church must make. In the film, a young, reserved war veteran-turned-community outreach leader puts his life on the line to stand against an abortion clinic that has taken up shop across the street from his Philadelphia church.

“Voiceless was made to engage the church,” said producer Stuart Migdon. “We believe our film artfully presents the issue in a way that pro-life supporters can rally behind without alienating pro-choice viewers before they’ve had a chance to contemplate our story.”

The film will launch theatrically in Fall 2016 and will be distributed by ArtAffects Entertainment. Margo Lange, president of ArtAffects Entertainment, has a long history of involvement in faith based releases including The Passion of the Christ. Other films Lange has contributed to in this space include End of the Spear, Bella, The Stoning of Soroya M, Kirk Cameron’s Monumental, and King’s Faith.

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