Working with a Foreign Government

By Heidi Heidi Says …

I’m going to preface my answer to this question by saying this: make sure you are working with a reputable adoption agency.

If you are working with a reputable agency, then you shouldn’t have a thing to worry about in dealing with the foreign country. In preparation for our adoption, our adoption agency walked us through each step of the process and helped us ensure that we had everything that we needed. We were given a thorough list of paperwork that we would need to take with us when we traveled.

While in Vietnam, we had employees of Asian Children Services (the facilitator used for our first adoption and agency used for our second) with us during every step of the process while we were in Vietnam. They took us to each government office that we needed to get to for whatever reason, they accompanied us to the doctor for the well-baby exit exam, they helped us secure the babies’ Visas, etc. There wasn’t a time on either trip when we were left to our own devices.

I have always said that the most difficult part of our adoptions took place after we got home to the United …read more

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