Setbacks and Disappointments on the Road to Adoption

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

Our adoptions both went so smoothly that I’m often hesitant to share my experience with those who are currently waiting. Because you hear so many adoption stories that aren’t so smooth, you almost feel guilty sharing a positive experience.

I know so many families who have experienced setbacks on the road to adoption – my own immediate family included. When we were waiting for my brothers to come home from Korea and David broke his leg, the Korean government wouldn’t release them until his cast came off. This made our wait time much longer than it needed to be.

Much as I’ve said already many times in this series is that, while the wait might seem to take forever NOW, once you have that child in your home and in your heart, the time of waiting becomes the last thing on your mind. So, if you’re dealing with setbacks now – or you do later – take heart. This is just one small step on your journey to add to your family!

Other Adoptive Parents Say …

Jennifer in OK:

Yes, the 3 failed domestic adoptions were all disappointments and heartbreaking. We were at the hospital and they brought …read more

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