Choosing a Name for Your (Adopted) Child

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

When my oldest daughter was born, I knew she would be named Ashley. I loved the name for many years (mostly due to watching “The Young & the Restless”). Her middle name was Morgan after my husband’s brother, who had passed away right around the same time we found out that we were pregnant. I didn’t give much thought to the meaning behind these names – I just liked them and they worked together. Ashley means “of the ash tree meadow” and Morgan means “sea circle.” Seriously? What even is that?

Six and a half years later, when it came time to choose a name for our second child, I knew that this one needed a name that meant something. When my parents were choosing new names for my brothers, they had kept their Korean first names as their American middle names. David and Jonathan were chosen, named after King David in the Bible and his best friend, Jonathan. We knew that we wanted to follow this example of keeping part of our child’s Vietnamese name as well.

When we got our referral for Nguyen, Mai Phuong, we decided to name her Gracie (which, obviously …read more

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