Family Fun at Hersheypark for Halloween

By Heidi

On Saturday, the Strawser family spent the day at Hersheypark during their Hersheypark in the Dark Halloween celebration. The weather was perfect – sunny, with temps getting up into the mid-60’s – and the park was beautifully decorated for the Fall season. It was a great day, having fun and making memories!

The kids had fun taking in several of the coasters – Great Bear, Super Dooper Looper, Lightning Racer, and the Wild Mouse – and they even got Brian to join them for a ride on the classic Comet.

We also rode the Kissing Tower, which is a ride I well remember from my childhood! The view from the top is amazing (that is if you’re not too busy kissing!)

Ian wanted to prove to us that he could drive, so we took a spin around the PA Turnpike on the Classic Cars (we even got a red car, which made Ian very happy!). Honestly, he didn’t do as bad as I expected. Gracie, on the other hand, was driving Ashley around and her car was in slow motion!

Other rides we enjoyed were the Dry Gulch Railroad, the Pirate Ship, and the Claw. There are so many rides …read more

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