Finalizing an International Adoption

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

I shared earlier that one of the reasons we chose international adoption was because I didn’t want to take a chance on losing another child (after an infant loss due to a tubal pregnancy). When adopting from a foreign country, if both parents travel, adoptions are finalized in-country.

For our second adoption, when my mom traveled with me, I had to carry additional paperwork with me (Brian’s passport, birth certificate, etc.) and we had to do what is called a re-adoption here in the states when we got home. It was a nice little ceremony at our local courthouse and was really nothing more than a formality.

Never once did I worry or wonder that either child would be taken away from us or our adoptions might fall through because there were final.

One thing that was said to me at the Giving & Receiving Ceremony for Ian is something that has stuck in both my mom’s and my head all these years.

He will be your baby forever.

It doesn’t get much more permanent than that!

Other Adoptive Parents Say …

Jennifer in OK:

International adoptions are almost always permanent and final, I only know of …read more

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