Introducing American Food to Your Internationally Adopted Child

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

Because both of our children were babies when we adopted them – 4 and 8 months – they were both still taking a bottle with formula. We were told to pack formula from home and to work on transitioning them for Vietnamese formula while we were there. So we started gradually mixing in our own formula until they were on our formula exclusively. The change was fairly easy; we didn’t have issues with either child and no allergies or anything. With Ian being a bit older, we had also packed things like Gerber Graduates to feed to him. He loved them!

I think it is a bit more challenging to introduce American food to an older child. I don’t remember having many issues with my brothers (5 and 7), though I do remember one incident quite clearly – we were eating sandwiches for lunch and my dad asked them if they liked mustard; they both shook their heads in the affirmative. So, mustard was put on their sandwiches and you should have seen their faces! I wish we had a picture of it. It’s an image that is cemented in my mind, that’s for sure!

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