Ready-Made Siblings

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

Ashley wanted a baby sister for her 7th birthday. We got home with Gracie on November 3rd, Ashley’s birthday is November 15th, so she got her wish!

I had promised Ashley that she could be the first person to hold her baby sister at the airport (my parents, Ashley, both my brothers and their girlfriends, and my best friend Sue all came to greet us when we arrived “home” to the Harrisburg Airport). I have always loved this special picture of their first meeting because it looks like Ashley is holding a baby doll!

It didn’t take Ashley long at all to groove into the role of big sister. That night, when we got home, she happily fed Gracie her bottle and snuggled with her on the recliner. I think she felt a bit of ownership – this was HER baby sister and she didn’t really want to share.

It’s been interesting to see their relationship grow and change as they have grown and matured over the years. But, when I look at them, I still often see my little girls!

By the time Ian came home, Ashley was 13. She had become “the baby whisperer” by that time. She just …read more

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