From Flat Puzzle to 3D Wind-up Toy in Minutes!

By Heidi

A few weeks ago, we received a package containing the 4 kits pictured above. Ian was ecstatic! He loves kits like this with little things he can put together. He’s done 3D type puzzles before, but these were particularly special because they actually had little motors! Once the kits are put together, you can wind them up and they go! What kid isn’t going to find that fun!

We laid them out based on their level of difficulty and he started with the simplest kit.

He started off with the military plane and I was surprised by how quickly he got it put together.

Next up was the tiger kit. Unfortunately, some of the little pieces broke while he was trying to assemble this one, so he wasn’t able to get that one to work exactly right.

He followed up with the dinosaur and the digger. Both these kits worked perfectly and he was quite excited to see them moving across our floors (one of the many perks of having hardwood floors!)

As a mom, I was really pleased with these kits as they gave Ian something to do in the afternoons when he was done with school. They were easy to punch …read more

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