The Adoption Package = Baby + Belongings

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

Our adoption agency provided us with a very extensive list of what to pack when we traveled to Vietnam. This list included everything that we would need for the baby – clothing, formula, bottles, diapers (which we lined all of our luggage with for easier packing), snacks, toys, blankets, etc. When we got to the orphanage to meet our babies on our first trip, I was surprised to see that each of the 4 girls was wearing the same outfit (the older 2 only had the shirt, with different pants). We did keep this outfit as a keepsake (it’s in Gracie’s keepsake box). They also gave us each a bottle of formula for our trip back to the hotel, but we all returned those bottles (the orphanage needed them more than we did).

Here you can see the sweet little outfit she was wearing. I would assume they had been donated from a store or something (leftovers?)

We had also sent some things over to the orphanage for Gracie while we were waiting – one thing was a baby keyring that you could put pictures in (with pictures of our family). She, of course, had this as well.

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