Adoption Identity Crisis

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

We have always been very open with our children about the fact that they were adopted. I remember when Gracie was little, we would ask her, “Where did we get you?” and we tried to teach her to say, “Vietnam,” but she’d often respond with, “Walmart!” It was a fun little family joke that we still chuckle about to this day.

Another thing that Gracie often said when she was little was that she got her big feet from her Dad. Even though she knew she was adopted, it took a while for the concept to sink in and for her to realize that it really wasn’t possible to get any of her physical attributes from either of us.

Looking different has never been an issue in my family because of the fact that my brothers are adopted from Korea. Our family has become a bit of a melting pot! Ian has never questioned much at all because, by the time that he came home, my brother and his wife already had two little boys and he just grooved right into being “one of the boys.” Nowadays, there are a lot of little boys when my family gets …read more

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