Top 5 Reasons to Stay at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club

By Amanda While a Deluxe resort is not always in the budget, there are so many great benefits to staying at an EPCOT area resort they should definitely be considered. Beach Club is a favorite of mine and it’s one I often recommend to clients. Remember with discounts you can often save up to 30% off this amazing resort’s regular rates!

1. Location
One of the best parts about staying in any EPCOT area resort is location. Many families like to stay on the monorail line but I prefer to be a bit more centrally located. Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club are just a few minutes walk over to EPCOT, a short boat ride (or long walk) to Hollywood Studios, and just a short bus ride to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. Just keep in mind during slower times, these resorts do share buses so you may have a quick stop at Yacht Club before heading to Beach Club.

2. Themeing
While these are two different resorts, they are connected…but with 2 very different themes. Disney’s Beach Club side is brighter, airer and lighter in decor and colors. As it’s themed to the Beach, it’s no surprise you’ll …read more

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