Incorporating Culture into the Day to Day

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

One of the things that was suggested to us when we were preparing to travel to Vietnam was that we purchase several items that we could present to the child for their first several birthdays. I loved this idea as a way to incorporate some of their culture into our home, so we picked up several different little things on our trip for Gracie – little beaded purses, wall hangings for in her room, a hand-carved stone nativity set, some baskets, paper/origami bookmarks, a tea set, stone stamps in the share of their animal on the Vietnamese zodiac (we purchased one of these for Ashley as well), and some Ao Dais (traditional Vietnamese clothing).

We didn’t necessarily save these items back for birthdays but presented them over the years as seemed fit. Many of the items are now in Gracie’s keepsake box. For Gracie’s 2nd birthday, we took her to a local professional photographer to have her pictures taken in her first Ao Dai (photo above). Even at the age of 2, she loved the way the Ao Dai felt against her skin. She wanted more!

When Gracie got a little bit older and we started homeschooling, …read more

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