Questions Adopted Children Ask

By Heidi

Heidi & Other Adoptive Parents Say …

Rather than share personal stories, I’m just going to compile a short list of some of the questions that our children have asked over the years regarding adoption:

Why was I given up?

Were my parents too poor to keep me?

Why did my birth parents give me away?

Why didn’t they want me? Do they still love me or ever think about me?

Do they still love me or ever think about me?

Was I born out of your belly like (older sibling) was?

Why did you have to go so far away to get me?

What did my birth mother/father look like?

Why did my parents keep my siblings, but give me up?

Did I come out of your tummy like [____} did?

Why does adoption cost so much?

Do I have other siblings?

Did my birth mother/father love me?

Did my birth mother leave me all alone?

Can I learn more about my culture?

Can I adopt children when I am older?

Will I ever get to meet my birth mother/father?

Why do I feel anger toward my birth mother for giving me up? (especially since I have a good home)

Why do I take my anger out on you and Dad when it’s my birth mother that I’m …read more

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