Fostering Security in Your Adopted Child

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

I remember once hearing my mom say that she didn’t feel any differently about my brothers than she did about me. She loved them every bit as much; it didn’t matter if I was biological and they were adopted. Years later, when we were waiting to adopt Gracie, one of the other waiting mothers expressed concern that she wouldn’t be able to love her children as much as she might if they were born of her. I shared with her what my mom had said and tried to ease her mind. I was going into this adoption having had a biological child and I felt certain I wouldn’t feel any different about my adopted child.

And, my mom was right. You love all your children the same. It doesn’t matter how they come into your family. They are yours, God planned for them to be there, and you love them all the same. In fact, sometimes I’ve even said that, while I don’t love my adopted children any less or any more than my biological child, sometimes I feel like I am more appreciative to have them because I know how difficult the road was to …read more

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