Is Race an Issue When Considering Adoption?

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

For us, race wasn’t much of an issue. Actually, we went into our adoption seeking an Asian-born child. The motivation behind wanting a child of another race was the fact that I have two brothers who are Korean-born. I wanted to add more Asian children to our family, but I wasn’t concerned about which Asian country our child might come from.

When my parents had first started the adoption process, they were seeking an American/caucasian child. As they learned more information and saw more pictures, etc., it became clear to them that adoption a child from another country might actually be easier. So while they didn’t expect to adopt from Korea, God had a different plan and made that clear to them through their classes.

I don’t think race should be an issue in and of itself. However, if there’s some reason why you have a prejudice against a certain race, you obviously shouldn’t adopt a child of that race. Or, if you have relatives who are prejudice, you’re going to need to decide what that means to you – are you willing to cut ties with these people in order to adopt a child of that race and …read more

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