Adoption Surprises

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

I can’t really say that there have been any situations that have really surprised me or blindsided me with our adopted children. There have been things that have popped up that took me off guard at the time, simply because I hadn’t anticipated them. And there have also been things that have made me think “this parenting thing is hard,” but they are things that any parent of any child might experience.

I do remember the first time we took Gracie (age 4) in for major dental surgery. The anesthesiologist came in to talk to us before the surgery and asked us if she had any family history of issues with anesthesia. I remember giving him a blank stare. There we sat, two caucasian parents, holding a little Asian girl on my lap, and he was asking about her medical history! Duh! We had to say that we didn’t know; and then, in addition to being a worried mother while her daughter was having surgery, I worried even more that she’d have some adverse reaction to the anesthesia because we didn’t know.

Lots of people ask if my kids are “real brother and sister.” Yes, they are. They …read more

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