Introducing Theme Parkology!!

By Terri

Theme Parkology!

Disney fans… hold on to your boots! If you love Disney history, Disney fun facts, Disney nostalgia… then everything that Theme Parkology has to offer is for you!

Jerry Cornell, the founder of Theme Parkology, has done extensive research and produced an amazing (and huge) collection of DVDs that detail so much about the Disney Theme Parks!

I actually won a copy of Jerry’s newest DVD The Skyway. It contains a wealth of information that any Disney aficionado will appreciate. It details the dates the Skyway was built, opened, closed, refurbished and even described how the Skyway still functioned while the Matterhorn was being built. Not only do we learn about the Skyway at Disneyland, but also about the Skyway rides at the Magic Kingdom (WDW) and in Tokyo Disneyland. There is plenty of video footage – including a complete ride-through!

There is so much history included in each Theme Parkology DVD. Disney fans of all ages can appreciate these informative, yet fascinating DVDs. They would certainly make a great gift for any Disney lover.

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