Traveling to Walt Disney World With Grandparents

By Amanda Let’s say you are in a position like we have been…the grandparents are coming along and either one or both of them are not huge Disney nuts. They are coming because they want to experience something special with the kids, help out or maybe even just get a way for a bit (even if it is Disney). Let’s talk about some things you can do to make the trip enjoyable for everyone!

1) Hire a travel planner to take care of everything…haha no seriously! Whether you hire a professional or are planning it yourself, make ONE person in charge of everything. You can manage multiple reservations from the same My Disney Experience account. It simplifies things and for those that don’t go often this can be far less stressful!
2) Even though I said you should have one person in charge, that doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t have an opinion! Let the grandparents/aunts/uncle/etc know what the plans are. Ask them their opinion on restaurants and attractions. This way they don’t need to feel herded like cattle! They might not want to know every second of every day (my Dad!) but they want a general idea of what’s going on.
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