The Rhetoric Companion

By Heidi

Gracie is working on completing her senior year in our homeschool. She really didn’t need many credits this year in order to graduate, so we’ve been having fun adding some fun and interesting curriculum choices to her line-up. One of the things that we’ve added this year is The Rhetoric Companion by N. D. Wilson and Douglas Wilson. Rhetoric was something that we hadn’t really covered, and I thought it might be something that she would enjoy. I was offered the opportunity to check it out from Timberdoodle, and quickly added it to her curriculum list for this year. I’ll allow Gracie to share her thoughts on it below.

The Rhetoric Companion

A Student’s Guide to Power in Persuasion: Read an Excerpt from The Rhetoric Companion

Arranged in 31 lively and practical lessons
The Rhetoric Companion covers the following material and more:

A critical appreciation of the essential ancient rhetoric texts
The Pauline view of presentation and persuasion
How to develop copiousness and leave an audience wanting more
The concept of “stasis theory” and how to grasp the crux of an argument
How successful proof obligates an audience to believe
Composition exercises with each lesson
Suggested reading material for each lesson from Artistotle’s Rhetoric, the Rhetorica …read more

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