The Final Day of the Bible Trivia Challenge

By Heidi

We’ve come to the final day of the Bible Trivia Challenge with The Beginner’s Bible! I hope that you’ve had as much fun playing it as I’ve had hosting it. I love Bible Trivia! It’s a great game to play together as a family and a fun way to teach your children more about the Bible while having lots of fun.

Do you have a favorite Bible game that you use in your family? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Maybe I’ll add it to our family’s game closet to play together this winter.

Good luck with today’s questions!

Bible Trivia Rules:

Each day this week, I will post 3 new Bible challenge questions. Without looking up the answers, post your guesses in the comments section below. I will be keeping track of who answers the most questions correctly throughout the week, so you’ll want to play every day. If you miss a day, that’s OK; I’ll leave all the posts up throughout the week so you can come back to any posts you may have missed.

A winner will be selected and contacted at the end of the week and will …read more

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