Let’s Join the Shepherd to Search for the Savior

By Heidi

For the past several years, I’ve seen lots of people posting pictures of their “elf” on social media. I have to admit, I never got the point. And, quite honestly, I find the elf creepy. So, when I heard about the Shepherd on a Search from Dayspring, I was intrigued. Might this be a worthy (and better looking) alternative to the elf?

The Shepherd on the Search

Thousands of years ago the angels visited the shepherds and brought them good news. When the shepherds heard this good news, they set off on an epic journey to search for the newborn baby Jesus. Make this timeless story come alive with YOUR very own shepherd. His journey begins anew every Christmas season and ends on Christmas day as your shepherd finds his way to the manger.

The story of the shepherd’s search is captured in a beautifully illustrated children’s book. The fun begins when you hide your shepherd at night and your children set off on a search each morning. A special tradition of searching for the shepherd and retelling the story helps your family focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Move the Shepherd closer to the manger each day of December. …read more

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