To Joey with Love

By Heidi

Last night, Ashley and I sat on my bed with my laptop between us and we watched To Joey with Love. I hadn’t really wanted to see it when it played in theaters in September because I knew I’d be reduced to a blubbering baby and didn’t really want the world (or at least the world inside the theater) to see my like that. You see, I’d been following Joey & Rory Feek’s story, I’d been seeing the updates regarding her health on Facebook, and I’d been reading Rory’s blog posts (which are so heartwarming and well-written, by the way). But, my best friend died of a similar cancer; and the story just rings too familiar to me. It’s hard. Cancer is bad. I knew the way that Joey’s story would end and wasn’t ready to see it on the big screen.

Did you see To Joey with Love in September?

If not, that’s OK. To Joey with Love is being released on DVD and On-Demand on December 20th and it will be available on Digital HD on December 9th. If you, like me, were waiting (and hoping) to watch this movie in the comfort of your own home, …read more

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