Every Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

By Heidi My name is Heidi and I’m the world’s worst journaler.

I am an awful journaler. I’ve tried. Really, I have. I can’t keep a journal or a memory book or anything like that. I’ve tried and failed.

You’d think that, because I enjoy writing (and grammar and editing) so much, that I’d enjoy journaling, but I never have. When I feel like I have to do it, I just can’t. I don’t want to. I start, and I can’t keep up, so I stop.

Sure, I blog – which has been compared to an online journal, of sorts – but, to me, it’s not the same.

All throughout 2016, though, I faithfully participated in Scripture Writing. Each morning of the year, I got up, opened my Bible (or Bible Gateway app on my phone) and my journal, and I copied Scripture. (There were a few times when I doubled up on writing because of travel, sickness, etc.)

Changes for 2017

This morning, I got online to find a new Scripture Writing Plan to follow for 2017. Last year, as it was my first full year of doing it, I found myself floundering back and forth between a few different plans; but for this …read more

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