Looking Back on My 2016 Reviews

By Heidi

Last year, I was inspired to look back on my reviews and do a re-cap. I thought it was a great idea because what we might like at the outset can quickly change. It was interesting to read that update post last year and see which products I still loved and which I could do without! If you write blog reviews, this would be a great exercise for you as well, and it’s a benefit to your readers.

Long-time readers of Heidi’s Head know that I’m nothing if not honest. I’m not going to beat around any bushes – I’ll let you know if I like something (and think you should too), but I’ll also let you know if I think something is a waste of your money and/or time.

This post is not a recap of ALL the products that I’ve reviewed this past year, but several of the ones that stuck out to me. Please note that I did not receive any monetary compensation for reviewing any of the following products.

So, let’s see . . . . do I like these 9 products just as much now as I did then?
Kingdom Classics CD

As my readers well …read more

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