We asked, you answered: Your Favorite Disney Snack!

By Mike Ellis

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When it comes to a favorite Disney snack the choices from our readers are wide and varying. Everything from salty treats to sweet treats, cold treats to warm treats, the variations go on and on. We asked our readers the following question:

And the response we received was incredible! Here’s what you had to say!

Disney Snack: Mickey Mouse Pretzel

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Didi had this to say:

Lately, it’s a Mickey Mouse Pretzel. (It’s all about the ears, you know.)

Carrot Cake Cookie

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Jessica wrote this about her favorite Disney snack:

The carrot cake cookie at The Writer’s Stop in Hollywood Studios is one of the best snacks in all 4 parks IMO.

Deanna adds:

Carrot Cake Cookie!!

Butterfinger Cupcake

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Brenda’s a fan of the Butterfinger Cupcake, but she also had this to say about the Carrot Cake Cookie:

I missed my Carrot Cake Cookie during my last visit. I hear it’s back 🙂

Dole Whip Float

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Julie’s got some snacking to do!

I haven’t had any of these! My husband is frugal and we usually pack snacks. However we usually treat ourselves to a sundae at Gibson Girl or a Dole Whip float.

Cronut or Churro?

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