Wordless Wednesday – February Calendar Shot 2017

By Mike Ellis

January 2001, Cindy took this picture of me with Minnie Mouse at Liberty Tree Tavern!

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Wordless Wednesday post! I’m joining my pal Deb from Focused on the Magic and for this week, we’re sharing our February Calendar Shot 2017 photos! Since this coming Monday is my birthday (I’ll be 49!) I figured I would put myself in the calendar. Although the picture above was taken in January, it was MLK Weekend, so it was close to being in February.

Another photo I have is from that same trip — for your recollection, this was the trip where Cindy and I ate our way through Disney because she was pregnant with Sophie and we couldn’t ride the big roller coasters like she likes to do. This one is of me and Donald Duck, and looks something like this:

Me and Donald Duck

One last picture to share, not of me, but of Sophie, and interestingly enough, she’s with Donald Duck as well! Look at the difference in Donald in just a few years!

Sophie and Donald Duck bouncing and dancing!

Which of these pictures would you have on your February Calendar Shot …read more

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