100 Days of Fifth Grade

By Heidi

Today marks 100 Days of Fifth Grade
And I’m celebrating!

Why? Because, up until this year, I don’t even remember making it to 100 Days. We managed to get enough school in to call it a school year, but it was never anything to celebrate. School with Ian has been a struggle.

He’s nothing like the girls. The girls were easy. They were different from each other but both easy. Ashley required more mom-time; but she graduated from our homeschool, holds down both a full-time and part-time job, and has a great work ethic. Gracie has already finished all her at-home subjects and is working her way through college at the local community college while still participating in the music program at the local high school. She’s also holding down a pretty intense part-time job that she takes very seriously.

But Ian … he hasn’t ever taken school seriously. And it’s been a source of frustration. To the point where I question why I am doing this and have looked into all the different options for him. I considered sending him to public school. I looked into a charter school. I threatened military school. Nothing seemed to be a good …read more

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