Love This – Disney for All!

By Heidi

I’m really lousy at doing wordless posts! I guess because I like words so much! I’m glad Deb allows for “almost wordless” posts on Wednesdays!

This morning, as I was thinking about this week’s topic – Love This! – there were lots of thoughts rolling around in my head. I thought of all of the attractions that I love at Disney (like Tower of Terror, Carousel of Progress, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and the list goes on). I thought about my favorite Disney treats (who doesn’t love a Dole Whip Float?!) And I thought about many, many favorite pictures and memories with my kids in the parks.

But, you know what I really, really LOVE about Disney? I love that it’s for ALL AGES! I love that, no matter how old you are, you become a big kid again at Disney. This past fall, I spent several days at Disney with a dear friend. It was just the two of us – two girls now in our (upper) 40’s. We loved the rides, the shows, the food, and I think we had just as much fun meeting the characters as my kids do!

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