Interview with Artist Rob Kaz

By Crissy

If you’ve been to EPCOT’s International Festival of the Arts over the last few weeks, you may have come across the artwork of Rob Kaz! You can still find him and his artwork this weekend (Feb 17 – 20) at the James Coleman Studios location near the Germany Pavilion daily from 2 – 6 PM! Our writer, Crissy, had the privilege of interviewing Rob; read on to find out more about his art career and relationship with Disney!

WDW Hints: Tell us a little about yourself and what it is like being a professional artist.

Rob Kaz: I have two passions in life – my family and story telling through art. And the two constantly cross paths. I try to keep art in my home studio, but as my wife will tell you, finding blue paint on the doorknobs or a clay frog sitting on top of potato salad in the refrigerator is the norm around my home.

When I first decided I wanted to pursue art as a professional and not just a hobby, I really had no idea where the industry would take me. Luckily, I have a team that handles a lot of the business end of things for me …read more

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