Maple Popcorn — Snacks — Quick Service — Magic Kingdom

By Sarah

*This post contains ingredient information from March 3, 2017. Always double-check with a cast member to ensure that an item is safe for your special dietary need before consuming.

I admit it. I’m a popcorn addict. I love just about any kind of popcorn, as long as it’s gluten free, dairy free and fresh. So, you can imagine how excited I got when I read on the DisneyFoodBlog that there was a new fresh popcorn option in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom — Maple Popcorn. I love fresh kettle corn, so knowing that the maple popcorn was similar, I knew I had to at least go to the stand to see if the ingredients would be safe for me to eat.

I stopped by the Frontierland Popcorn Cart recently, and asked the friendly cast member there if I could look at the ingredients binder. The ingredients binder will let you know all of the ingredients in a particular snack item at a kiosk and notes allergens. I was super excited to see that the Maple Popcorn ingredients didn’t indicate any gluten or dairy in it — making it gluten free and dairy free. It’s also free of many other allergens …read more

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