A Simple Way to Illustrate Your Faith

By Heidi

Are you like me? Maybe you see all these pictures of people illustrating in their Bibles and you wonder how in the world they are that creative or how they find the time. I feel that way. I’ve tried Bible journaling. I like it, really I do. But, often I am pressed for time and feel like a Bible journaling failure. If you have a journaling Bible, maybe you sometimes feel the same way. Guess what? I found the PERFECT SOLUTION!

Illustrated Faith

Dayspring has these awesome Bible journaling kits called Illustrated Faith. I got the starter kit to try and it is absolutely amazing! It’s filled with everything I need to make my journaling Bible look amazing, yet it’s quick and easy and doesn’t require hours of my time (yes, hours, because I’m a perfectionist!)

When I opened the box and saw all the awesome supplies inside, I got downright excited to pull my journaling Bible off the shelf again. And, for the past few days, I’ve been having so much fun rediscovering verses that are important to me and using the elements in the kit to personalize my Bible.

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