5 Things I Love about LulaRoe

By Heidi

Have you ever looked in your closet for something to wear and, even though the closet is full, found yourself saying, “I have nothing to wear!”? That has pretty much been the story of my life. Sure, I have clothes. But, when it comes right down to it and I need to find something to wear to church, out for supper, or for a day out with friends, I can never find anything that I just love wearing or that I’m comfortable in. If you can relate, then this post is for you.

A few weeks ago, I briefly mentioned LulaRoe in my 5 (Recently Discovered) Products that I Love post. This week, I’d like to get a little more in depth about WHY I love this line of clothing so much and why I think you will too.

5 Things I Love about LulaRoe
It’s Comfortable

The first thing I ever heard about LulaRoe was all the hype about the “buttery soft leggings.” Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention or give it any thought. I wasn’t interested in another line of clothing. Then, Ashley bought an outfit at a local vendor show, I tried it on one day while …read more

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