Laura Story’s Open Hands CD

By Heidi

It is a very rare occasion when I get a new album and like every song on it. But, I can honestly say that Laura Story’s new album – Open Hands – fits that bill. There is not a song on it that I don’t enjoy. Each song speaks to me. I’ve listened to this album over and over again in the past week or so and it’s definitely a keeper!

About Open Hands

Open Hands’ fresh collection of originals blends Story’s signature congregational worship with intimate moments. “I wanted to make an album so that each song I write would be just that seed of hope or that lifeline that someone listens to during that tough moment and thinks, ‘I’m going to choose to trust God, even during this,’” Story shares. “I pray that God would speak through me in the midst of the music.”

A parade of A-list songwriters, including Matt Redman, Matt Maher, Mia Fieldes, Hank Bentley, Sarah Hart and Seth Mosley, among others, pepper the album’s 11 tracks. Through writing sessions both alone and with others, Story began to gradually see this common thread of surrender emerge.

“Rather than picking a theme and writing around it, a lot …read more

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