5 Reasons Why YOU Should Have a Dog

By Heidi

Here in the Northeast, we spent several days snowed in this past week. Being stuck in the house all day every day allowed me lots of time to contemplate the important things in life. As I lay on the couch the other morning with a headache, it struck me that my post this week really needed to be about why I think every individual or family would benefit from having a dog (or two!). I was actually going to title this post “5 Reasons Why YOU Should Have a Pug,” but I’m entirely partial. Instead, I’ll generalize in this post and you can pick your favorite dog breed. But, please know that this post was inspired by my Pug, Gabe. And please do your research on dog breeds before bringing a dog into your family that might not be a good fit.

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Have a Dog
Dogs are loyal companions

In the picture above, you see Gabe lying in his dog bed. What you don’t see is the fact that his dog bed is strategically placed right beside my feet under the table. This is where Gabe hangs out while I’m working. When I get up and move …read more

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