5 Reasons Why a Tour at Walt Disney World is Worth Your Money

By Heidi

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Orange Loop. Today we are sharing parts of a Disney vacation that people often ask, is it worth it?

Should you pay extra for a special tour at the Disney parks?

My quick answer to this question is, “Maybe.” Why? Because it totally depends on you, your frequency of visiting the Disney parks, and your interest in the Disney history and backstory.

If you are new to Disney, I probably wouldn’t recommend putting the extra time and money into a tour. I always encourage new visitors to spend their time focusing on the things that are popular within the parks. You’re going to want to see and do the things that you see on Disney commercials and read in Disney planning books.

If you’re someone who visits the parks more frequently and is looking for “just a bit more,” then doing the behind-the-scenes tours is a great idea. It gives you an up close and personal glimpse of things that you never get to see and hear just walking through the parks on your own.

Yes, these tours cost money, but I feel it is money well-spent. Disney offers a wide variety …read more

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