Legoland Beach Retreat … Perfect for Young Families

By Heidi

Last week, Ian and I had the opportunity to fly down to Florida for a 2-day media preview of the Legoland Beach Retreat. We had visited the park in the past, but we were both pretty excited to check out this new resort (which looked and sounded absolutely adorable). So, did it live up to our expectations? Absolutely! I posted the nitty gritty press release last week (please check it out if you haven’t already), so today I want to share our personal thoughts on this fun experience.

Checking in at Legoland Beach Retreat

One of the coolest things about the Legoland Beach Retreat is something that you’ll experience as soon as you enter the facility … it’s a drive-through check-in gate which saves you the time of going inside and checking in at a front guest. You simply drive through the gates and check-in at the gate. The staff is friendly and helpful and you’ll be off to your room in no time!

Finding Our Room

We were directed to the Seagull’s Cove portion of the resort. LEGOLAND Beach Retreat’s 83 single-story bungalows are arranged in 13 horseshoe-shaped groupings called “coves.” Each cove is named for a LEGO Minifigure. …read more

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