Stocking Up on P&G Necessities at Costco

By Heidi

Recently, we moved back home after living away all winter. I like to think we were practicing our snowbird skills; but, rather than moving to Florida for the winter like I’ve been dreaming of, we simply moved down the street to my parent’s house. While we enjoyed our winter in a more modern house with conveniences we don’t have at home (like an attached garage and first-floor laundry), in many ways I was ready to move back to my old house.

What I was not prepared for, however, was the mess! We came home to a literal layer of dust everywhere, including on the dishes that had been stored in cupboards all winter. This was going to require some elbow grease! It was time to call in the big guns – or, at least, shop in bulk for some of my favorite cleaning products!

A Trip to Costco was in Order

When I’m in need of something small here and there, we run to the local convenience store. But, for a job like this, I knew I needed to shop in bulk. Our summer clothes had been stored all winter and would need freshening up. Most of the dishes needed …read more

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