5 Lessons Learned from an Adult Onset (Seafood) Allergy

By Heidi

What do you do when you find out, as an adult, that you have a food allergy? Many years ago, I realized that I had become allergic to shrimp after a few bad experiences. I thought it was a shellfish allergy until I got deathly ill after having just a few bites of fish. So now I have this seafood allergy that I’m learning to deal with. I thought it would be easy because I’m not a huge lover of seafood anyway. But, as it turns out, a food allergy is much more serious than I ever realized.

Lessons Learned from an Adult Onset Food Allergy
#1 – Food allergies can be very serious.

Some people with food allergies need to carry an epi-pen because they go into anaphylactic shock. That’s not how I react. Rather, I get the equivalent of the worst stomach flu ever – horrible stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, chills, etc. It’s not fun. In fact, at times, it’s been downright embarrassing. Either way, food allergies are very serious and need to be treated that way.

#2 – You need to be very careful about cross-contamination, and
#3 – Eating out can be a challenge.

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