Label Your Life with Kidecals

By Heidi

I was one of those kids who labeled everything. EVERYTHING! Do you remember those old-fashioned label makers that printed out that black tape with white capital letters on it? I used that thing A LOT. And, I also had Heidi stickers and labeled anything and everything with them. And, of course, there were the return address labels that I put inside all of my books.

Labels, Labels, Labels

To this day, I still love labels. As you can see above, I label everything from items at my desk to cake pans and lids to drink containers. Almost anything that ever leaves our house has a label on it. Any container that has even gone to a potluck dinner or picnic is labeled (container and lid). Any piece of sports equipment that Ian uses is labeled. I purchased Gracie her own labels to use on all of her music items (violin case, music stand, books, etc.) They are also great for anything school-related and work-related.

We have a couple sets of family labels that contain our last name and address. These are versatile and work on almost anything. When Gracie started attending music festivals, I bought her a set with her name …read more

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