Don’t Let Heartburn Stand in the Way of Family Fun!

By Heidi

Have you ever had a family outing or fun event planned, only to have it ruined because you were suffering from heartburn? Heartburn is no fun and can definitely put a damper on your plans. I’ve had it various times and my oldest daughter was recently suffering from an extended bout of it. It makes it difficult to schedule family fun when one member of your family is consistently not feeling well.

Family Game Nights

One of the things my family likes to do is to have Family Game Nights. After supper on a certain night of the week, we’ll clear the table and bring out some of our favorite games. Recently, we got some new games, along with a Fujifilm Instax camera and some popcorn; so we were all set for an evening of family fun!

Ian popped some popcorn and I set up the games. We started with 5-Second Rule. I had never played this game before and it was much harder than it sounds. Set a 5-second timer for yourself right now and see if, under pressure, you can name 3 things that fall into one of the following categories:

high school sports
penalties in football
breeds of dog
things not …read more

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