Plan Your Days in Style & Grace with Dayspring

By Heidi

I have a question for you … How do you keep track of everything that you need to do in a day’s time? Or what about the whole week or month? Or even year? There’s always so much to remember! And honestly, since having a bout with amnesia several years ago, I simply can’t remember things like I once could. If I don’t have everything written done, nothing would ever get done! That may sound trite, but it’s absolutely true! (If you don’t believe me, ask my family!)

What’s Important in a Planner?

I’ve been using a personal planner for several years now. I have several criteria that I look for in what I consider to be a good planner:

A good, sturdy cover that won’t bend or tear
A strong wire binding that won’t get easily bent and will allow the planner to lay flat
Monthly tabs/dividers
Large 2-page monthly calendar spreads with plenty of room to write on each day
Weekly pages that are broken out by day so I can add lists or extra information on these pages
A calendar for the following year (quick, at-a-glance)
A pocket for keeping track of loose papers and items that I need to hold onto for …read more

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