Prayers for the Week: Thy Will Be Done

By Mike Ellis

Thy Will Be Done!

The four most powerful words that can ever be spoken in prayer are simply “Thy will be done.” By saying those words to God, you — me — us — we are telling God up front that we are putting our situations in His Hands — to do with as He would. In the Father Tim series of books about the fictional town of Mitford, NC that writer Jan Karan penned, Father Tim calls that prayer “the prayer that never fails.” He is absolutely right.

So, Lord, today we come to you with cares on our hearts, prayers on our lips, petitions for You that we need to utter, and desires that we wish You to take care of for us. In each of them, though, we are committing to turn them all over to you with the additional words thy will be done, knowing that if You desire it for us, then that is what it will be. Lord, hear our prayers, and thank You for loving us so much — us, the unloveable — that You sent Your Son Jesus to us to pay the ultimate penalty for our sin. We love …read more

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