Kennedy Turns 6

By Amanda Even though this blog is no more, I have to keep with tradition and write Kennedy’s annual birthday post! If you missed the previous ones, click below!!
You developed a love for the Aquarium in Baltimore (even though you were afraid of most of it) and ask to go back on a weekly basis!

Did I mention Ice cream? Well if anything tops cupcakes it’s ice cream! Your current favorite is vanilla with (extra) peanut butter cups!

Let’s talk fashion for a second…to say you are creative would be an understatement. You love picking out your own clothes and, sorry to the teenage Kennedy, I let you wear whatever you want 99% of the time (yes in public!!)

We tried out the beach for the first time this year…and let’s just say you really wanted to love it but you weren’t a fan!! Someday we’ll take you to some nice soft, white sand and see what you think!!

You LOVE trying new things!! We have tried so much this year and you put your ALL into it!! This year you tried …read more

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