Nichole Nordeman – Every Mile Mattered CD

By Heidi

This past year has been quite a transition year for my middle child. She participated in her last music festivals – going to districts for both jazz band and orchestra and progressing all the way to the state level for orchestra; she had her last piano and violin lessons and recitals this past spring also.; she completed her homeschool courses and has started taking college classes. And she got her drivers license! It seems like almost every day this past spring, I was posting on Facebook about some milestone or the other with her – all very bittersweet for me, as a mom. And, almost every day I found myself praying, “Please, Dear Lord, let this time slow down – it’s going much too quickly!”

The song, Slow Down, on Nichole Nordeman’s newest album – Every Mile Mattered – really resonated with me. In fact, it brings tears to my eyes. I know new mothers find it cliche when we older moms say things like “treasure every moment – it goes so quickly” but it truly does! If you can relate, you can listen to Slow Down, featuring Nichole’s daughter Pepper, on Nichole’s website.

Every Mile Mattered

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