DVD Review: Descendants 2

By Danielle

Hi, my name is Danielle, I’m in my 40s (shhhhh!), a mom to a crazy but cute five year old and I can’t stop singing songs from the Descendants 2 soundtrack. All joking aside, I really do love the music from Disney’s new Descendants 2 soundtrack. And the choreography. And the movie!

I remember when the first movie came out I was slightly intrigued by the concept of the daughters and sons of our favorite Disney heroes and villains attending school in Auradon. I really enjoyed the first one, didn’t love it, was a bit disappointed by the villains, thought they were portrayed as campy and silly, but the movie did teach my kid how to spell ridiculous at a young age!

Fast forward to Descendants 2, of course my little princess was excited about this movie, she loves Mal and Evie! The movie focuses on Mal, daughter of Maleficent, who is now King Ben’s (song of Belle and the Beast) first lady. But all is not what it seems in this fairy tale. Mal’s drawn to her evil side because she feels like she doesn’t belong in the fairy tale world of Auradon and decides to high …read more

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