A Tween Boy’s Walt Disney World Top 10

By Heidi

Is your child starting to outgrow Disney? If you’re like me, this question is sacrilege! But, I see a lot of parents on social media saying things like “my kids don’t like going to Disney anymore,” “my son has outgrown the Disney parks,” or “my daughter thinks Disney is for babies.” These comments always make me sad.

To me, Disney is something that is never outgrown. I think Walt Disney himself would agree with me. After all, he did say, “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.”

My kids simply aren’t allowed to ever outgrow Disney. I haven’t!

Recently, I took the time to sit down with my son and chat with him about his absolute favorite must-dos at Walt Disney World. The following is the result of that conversation. . .

A Tween Boy’s Disney Top 10

*These are in no particular order.

Rockin’ Roller Coaster

What’s to love? “At first, I thought I wouldn’t like this ride because I’m not a fan of roller coasters. But, my sister Gracie liked this one so I wanted to try it. I like that it’s in the dark so I can’t really tell that it’s going upside down. And, at the beginning …read more

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