5 Back-to-School Products That Need Nailed Down

By Heidi

Here it is … the beginning of another school year. And, as usual, one of my favorite parts of back-to-school is making sure that we have the supplies that we need for a successful school year. This year, I thought it would be fun to share those products that I feel the need to actually attach to my desk (or they’ll grow legs and walk away because nobody else will ever confess to taking them!)

5 Back-to-School Products That Need Nailed Down, Handcuffed to My Desk, or Physically Attached to My Body (Lest They Walk Away)
The Stapler

Maybe I shouldn’t call anyone out on this one, but it’s definitely my hubby that walks off with the stapler most of the time. Every time I go for it, I find it among his things! Recently, I decided to replace the staples with some colored staples. I wonder if this will deter him?

My Colored Pens

I have several different kinds and brands of colored pens at my desk – a have one type that I use for marking my personal planner, another type that I use for other things, as well as having colored Sharpies, highlighters, and crayon highlighters. My family …read more

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