Honey & Lace with Crystal Hiatt

By Heidi

Last month, I introduced you to a new clothing line that I had discovered – Honey & Lace. I shared about several pieces of their clothing that I had tried and about consultant Laura Schaller.

This month, I’m introducing another Honey & Lace consultant and a few more pieces from their versatile clothing line…

Introducing Crystal Hiatt

When I decided that I wanted to try to learn more about Honey & Lace, I joined a Buy, Sell, Trade group on Facebook. I asked some questions and Crystal was THE FIRST consultant to make contact with me. (First impressions always stick with me and Crystal was so nice, friendly, and helpful.) Since joining her Facebook group, I have realized that we have homeschooling in common. It’s always fun for me to connect with fellow homeschoolers from across the country and I love supporting moms who are supplementing their family incomes with work-at-home jobs.

Unboxing Crystal’s Surprise Package

Crystal’s package came so quickly and I was so excited to open it up and find what new goodies were in store for me. Please excuse the video as I was interupted by someone knocking at my door at the end and had …read more

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