Stepping Back in Time at the Walton’s Mountain Museum

By Heidi

What’s the very first show that you can remember watching on television? For me, when I dig back into the recesses of my mind, my earliest television memory is of The Waltons. The show first aired in September of 1972; I was 2 1/2 years old. My little childhood mind thought of the Waltons as extended family. I mean, after all, they were right there in my living room every Thursday night.

As a mom, I wanted my children to enjoy this wholesome, family-oriented television show also. So, over time, we added all the seasons on DVD to our collection. My oldest daughter loved the show as much as I did! So, it was a natural fit for us to attend The Waltons 45th Anniversary event together. That event just so happened to be held at the Walton’s Mountain Museum in Schuyler, VA (about a 25-minute drive from Charlottesville). It was a neat event, but it was so busy and crowded and Ashley and I didn’t really have time to browse the museum exhibits while there. We have said ever since that we’d like to go back.

A recent trip to Williamsburg, VA afforded us …read more

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